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Fishnews Magazine # 2 (15) 2009


Number 2 (15) 2009

DALRYBA anniversary – 50 years!

Yuriy Moskaltsov, in 1987-1992 the general director of the All-Union Production Association DALRYBA, at present the president of the DALRYBA Joint Stock Company tells.

In the end of 50-s in our country there has been started the establishment of a powerful fishery industry. With the Decree of the RSFSR Council of Ministers of October 19, 1959 there was the Chief Department of the Far East fishery industry (Glavdalvostokrybprom), located in Vladivostok. The first head of it was Nikolay Vanyaev (1959-1962 гг.). There started to arrive large trawlers-refrigerators, project 394. In 1961 there was received the first new generation mother-ship, «Andrey Zakharov». On October 11, 1961 the whaling flotilla «Sovetskaya Rossiya» for the first time sailed to sea. In 1966-1975 the Far East fishermen received more than 100 large trawlers-refrigerators, 195 medium trawlers and a lot of small tonnage vessels. By mid-60-s there were 24 mother-ship «Tomsk» class and 8 mother-ship «Spassk» class. With the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers the name Glavdalvostokrybprom was changed to DALRYBA. Among the heads of DALRYBA there were very famous people, like Nadibaidze, Starzhinskiy, Drozdov (vessels now are bearing their names), Kotlyar and me.

Key change of the situation in the world fishing occurred in 1977, after the establishment of 200-miles economic zones, which included some 25% of the World ocean square. Our fleet had to stop working there and it resulted in 2.11 million tons reduction (18.9%) reduction.

As if on the moment of the DALRYBA establishment the catching of fish and sea products amounted to slightly more than 800 thousand tons – in 1988 there were caught 4,938.6 thousand tons (44.5% of the USSR total catching output).

Regretfully to start from 1991 the whole well-organized system of the fishery industry of the country and specifically in the Far East was destructed. In order to somewhat stabilize the Far East fishery industry function, in 1993, at the initiative of the JSC DALRYBA 18 largest fishery companies united into the Far East Union of fishery industrialists «DALRYBA».

The Union is actively cooperating with regional associations and unions, like All-Russia association of fishery enterprises and exporters, Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies, Association of fishery industry of Sakhalin, Union of fishery industry and entrepreneurs of Kamchatks ,etc.

Sure, at present without a state support it’s impossible to solve the problems of catching fleet supply, development of the ashore infrastructure, returning to the World ocean fishing grounds, etc.

In case the State would dare to help, the fishery industry would obtain the impetus for the development and would be able to once again to occupy the leading position in the world fishery.

DALRYBA – people and deeds

A. Rukhlyda, former deputy chief of DALRYBA in 1971-1977 tells about the history and the present day of the company.

In the end of 50-s last century in the USSR there was established the Ministry of fisheries and five basins’ Chief departments. In 1959 there was established the Chief department of fishery in the Far East – DALRYBA. Five territorial production associations: Primorrybprom, Kamchatrybprom, Sakhalinrybprom, Khabarovskrybprom and Magadanrybprom, besides three unique enterprises, Vostokrybholodflot, TURNIF and the Department of whaling flotillas, as well as marine colleges were directly subordinated to DALRYBA.

The Far East basin became the principal one, with up to 60% of all the production output. There were no problems with the resource base at that time, no «poaching», the foreign trade was a strict prerogative of the State.

It was the initiative of DALRYBA to start catching in the Bering sea, to catch hake in the Vancouver-Oregon fishing ground, Saury at Shikotan, Horse macherel near Peru, etc. From the very beginning DALRYBA prohibited large vessels to work in Okhotsk sea, only small and medium vessels in conjunction with mother-ship, thus up to 90-s the resource base there was in good shape. A few words about the Alaska Pollack: up mid-60-s there hasn’t been that fishery at all, then it was caught only to feed animals, later to produce fish-mill and today it is the most required product, both locally and abroad. Alongside with the DALRYBA activities the Vladivostok and Nakhodka fishing ports, ship-repair, packaging, can-making and other enterprises appeared and developed.

Regretfully, starting from 90-s all the well-organized system collapsed. Instead of DALRYBA there were formed more than 1,000 companies, which started to fish at their own, with the main aim to get a profit. With opening the foreign markets there flourished the poaching and illegal trade with crabs, shrimps, salmons and other precious resources.

The State must create conditions, financial included, to supply the industry with sophisticated fishing and research fleet, to contribute to the return of Russian fishermen to the zones of foreign countries. Only with the help of the State the fishery industry can be developed and to meet the objectives of the Federal target program – to ensure the population of Russia with fish products.

Vyacheslav Moskaltsov: «We cannot stay apart from problems»

General Director of the «DALRYBA» joint stock company, Vyacheslav Moskaltsov tells about the role and the present situation in the company.

- DALRYBA today is a joint stock company with 92 share-holders, we have a daughter company, «Rybokombinat Putyatin» (fish processing factory at Putyatin island). We have five vessels now, three medium trawlers (SRTM-type), one big trawler (BMRT-type) and one transporter-refrigerator. Our vessels are engaged in fishery in all the zones of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. We are catching Alaska Pollock, Herring, Cod, crabs, shrimps, our vessels receive salmons at Sakhalin and at Kamchatka. Last year the total catching output of our company amounted to 19.1 thousand MT, out of them 11.3 thousand MT of Alaska Pollock, 600 tons of shrimps, 1.2 thousand tons of crabs, 6.1 thousand tons of Herring.

We never stood apart from the problems existing in the fishery industry, among them the poaching is the main one. Not a once we submitted our proposals on cooperation, mainly with the Japanese side to stop illegal, uncontrolled and unreported fishing activity. During the official visit of the Prime-Minister, Vladimir Putin to Japan the Russian side managed to achieve certain positive changes, namely there was signed the Memorandum of cooperation.

In 2006 we became the member of the «Pollock Association», the main objective of which is the sustainable and rational fishery. A colossal achievement of the Association is the reduction of roe output to 4.5%, it permits to preserve the Alaska Pollock resource. At present we are engaged in the certification process of Alaska Pollock fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea in accordance with the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Sure problems still exist and if we are going to continue our work we must solve them. First of all we want the rules not to be changed, like «all the fish – to the Russian shore», or «all the fish – to be sold through Stock exchanges». We want the rules and regulations to be long lasting and clear ones.

Fisheries’ coordinators

Neither significant fishery by DALRYBA for quite decennials can do without members of the flag-captain group of the DALRYBA JSC. The department was established in the 60-s last century to coordinate the works in the fisheries’ expeditions with the main objective: to conduct the fishery season with the main effectiveness.

The main work and responsibility of flag-ship captains of the fishing grounds was in the heat of the fishery season to be a brain center of the fishery, to direct the fishing activities, to supply vessels with fuel, etc.

Fishermen knew very well the names of the flag-ship captains, among them German Nikishin, Vasiliy Chesnokov, Serguey Tanayev, Sael Badmayev.

In the post-perestroika era the fishing grounds were reduced, the catching outputs dropped and the personnel number was cut. Many companies reduced their flag-ship captains and only DALRYBA preserved its flag-ship group, which continues the work in the Okhotsk and Bering seas. One of the main directions of their work is to ensure the safety at sea

There is over the season «А» of the 2009 Okhotsk sea fishery, then the Bering sea season begins, and then – the season «B» of the Okhotsk sea, thus the DALRYBA flag-ship specialists are changing each other at the fishing grounds: Nikolay Kovalenko, Alexander Voynov, Nikolay Gayevoy, Alexander Oleinik.

There is a hope the fishery would revive in the World ocean areas where Russian fishermen were working sometime ago, and that means the DALRYBA flag-ship captains would have more work.

«Dic, duc, fac!» (lat.)

The history of the «big DALRYBA», initially the Chief department of the Far East fishery industry (Glavdalvostokrybprom) by the RSFSR Council of Ministers, was started in 1959. Right then in the central office of DALRYBA there was established the Legal and arbitration department. Deputy director for legal issues of the DALRYBA JSC, Natalia Vorobieva tells about her work, objectives and tasks of the department.

- I started to work in the DALRYBA more than 25 years ago, when I was transferred from the «DALMOREPRODUCT» to the legal department of DALRYBA, to the position of a senior legal and arbitration consultant. My tutors used to be wonderful people, Liliana Chubay and Elizaveta Aronovich.

- At that time the DALRYBA was including practically all the fishery industry companies and organizations of the Far East, and the Legal department was engaged in the industry’s arbitration. At present the tasks and objectives of the lawyers, working in the fishery industry and namely in the DALRYBA, havenot been changed a lot – it’s the legal assistance in the company’s activities. It includes the legal part of deals, collaboration with the executive power bodies, control over the requirements of the labor legislation, etc.

- Lawyers and legal specialists of the DALRYBA are real professionals, they are consistent and persistent in defending the interests and position of our Joint Stock Company.

- I congratulate all my colleagues, the former and the present day specialists of the Legal department, all the employees of the DALRYBA JSC on the wonderful jubilee.

DALRYBA: alloy of traditions and innovations

Commercial director of DALRYBA, Konstantin Kodoleyev tells the «Fishnews» about the company present day and the plans for the future.

The effectiveness of our work and the further strategy depend upon the resources. Today we can be developed only within the quotas allocated and fixed for ten years, that means we must follow the way of minimizing expenditures and maximum effectively use the assets available, both the industrial and the human ones. For example, the crew of a Russian medium vessel, SRTM-type consists of 28 members, while a similar Norwegian ship, producing three times as much has the crew of only 12. It’s another level of work and the quality. We should strive to it. However, we cannot do without a certain support by the State. And the first thing to do is to introduce the mechanism of fishing shares’ turnover.

The Federal Fishery Agency has done a lot as of late, however foreign fishermen receive a real state support, like fuel subsidies, organization of marketing, minimizing taxes, etc. but our fishermen have no such preferences.

Another issue: why our home fish is so expensive? Today, in order to deliver the products from the fishing grounds in the Far East to the European part of Russia we have to add 15-20 Rubles per kilogram for the transportation only, while the transportation from Norway is 200-300% cheaper. These are unfair conditions. We shouldn’t we introduce fencing duties either quotas for the foreign fish and sea products? The necessity for has aroused long ago.

Today we have to deal with the trade with fish and sea products we caught with minimum costs. We are trying to optimize the logistics, to find new markets and consumers ready to pay real money for our products. And we manage to.

Natalia Shishlenina: “When everything would be all right and others calmly smile – I’ll have other tasks in front of me!”

Natalia F.Shishlenina is the financial director-chief accountant of the DALRYBA JSC. To-day she is carrying practically everything on her delicate female shoulders: from financial strategy to the accountability of the DALRYBA. Bookkeepers and economists are in her direct submission. In the zone of her responsibility there is the future of the company, its further development. She graduated from the Khabarovsk institute of rail-way engineers, with the profession «economics and organization of works engineer».

After the graduation she moved to Sakhalin and joined there the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk fish-processing factory, soon she was proposed the position of the chief-accountant there. After the giving birth to her second son she joined the SAKHALINRYBA, one of the largest industrial associations at that time, but she manage to pass through all the positions, from the economist-engineer of the planning department to the chief accountant of the Association.

Quite unusually Natalia was proposed to transfer to Vladivostok, to the DALRYBA, to the position of deputy chief accountant. And even if in the beginning she didn’t want to, but Yuriy I.Moskaltsov, the General Director managed to persuade her, having met her as a friend and a like-minded person and she accepted the proposal.

- DALRYBA for me is not just an organization, a company, for me – it’s the history, thousands of people and destinies, this is a road long as my life. My colleagues and friends are proud of me, as I’m working next to such wonderful people like Yuriy Ivanovich, Vyacheslav Moskaltsov. For me it’s worth a lot…

- We collaborate with many foreign bookkeepers, accountants, I cannot say we work less than they (someone believe the foreigners work more than we). With that we are much more «stress-resistant», we are more devoted to our affair, we share more soul and personal responsibility to our duties.

Dream trawler

Large trawler-refrigerator (BMRT-type) «Siglan» was acquired by the DALRYBA some three years ago. The vessel was commission at the Gdansk ship-yard in 1982 and in 2007 it underwent a general overhaul at Dalyan ship-repair yard. After that the ship could work with heavier kinds of fuel, that would economize the work of the vessel.

After the end of the Alaska Pollack season, in April-May of 2008 the trawler visited again the Chinese ship-yard, but even in July it strived to the Canadian economic zone to catch hake.

The autumn-winter season is the traditionally Herring season, while after the New Year the crew entered the Alaska Pollack season in the Okhotsk sea. It permitted to fully take the quota and to deliver it to the Russian land, according to the new rules. Then the vessel returned again to China for repairement.

The jubilee year for the DALRYBA isn’t a time to stay idle, it plans to acquire one more vessel by the end of the year. The objective of the company is to develop and not to stop. Half a century the company was living alongside with the Russian fishery industry, – it’s time to make another step forward.

Island – fish processing factory

In the Nazimov gulf, in the bay of Strelok there is the settlement Putyatin, the only inhabited point on the Putyatin island, making part of the Fokino municipal formation. The fish processing factory, which later received the same name «Putyatin», was established there sometimes in 1929-1930. In 1976 the factory was subordinated to the Primorrybprom industrial association, at that time at the factory there were working some 700-800 people. In the Soviet era at Putyatin there were many fishing vessels, the factory only owned 9 «RC» and 4 «MRC» seiners.

Notwithstanding the hard times of Perestroika the enterprise continued to work and to develop. On May 5, 1992 there was commissioned the preserves making line in the freezing shop. In 2001 the factory has been bought out by the DALRYBA JSC.

All year round the fishermen of the «Putyatin» are catching Alaska Pollock, Greenling, Flounder Cod, Sculpin, farming mussels. The factory has a freezing shop of 12 tons a day capacity, a canning shop with the capacity of 3.5 thousand cans a turn, a smoking shop to produce up to 15 tons of products a month.

«We are biggest company of the Fokino city, which duly pay taxes. We support the life of this island» Alexander Baklanov, the director of the fish processing factory says.

Creative approach

While a young girl Elena Afanasova chose the high education not in the Academy of Arts, but the Technological institute of fishery industry (DALRYBVTUZ). A decisive factor there used to be the fate of her grandfather, one of the first long-voyage captains in the Far East. She selected the profession «exploitation of water transportation means».

Even while in the Institute she used to work on probation: after the second year – in the Vladivostok Fishing Port, after the third, fourth and fifth years – in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

When finally she was proposed to join DALRYBA, she thought it would be a temporary job, however it lasts 25 years. It’s time to celebrate the anniversary… The young specialist joined the department of fleet exploitation and there was needed a huge volume of notion and practice. She had to continue her practical and theoretical education all the time. Anyhow, the experience and the confidence were obtained with the being. Now the department she is heading accomplishes operative activity: Elena is controlling all the fishery vessels to work stable, the production process to continue uninterruptedly. The ports, offloading, onloading of vessels, etc. – are also her duties.

«If a force-majeure situation occurs I have to stay in the office until very late, but my family accustomed to such my delays», Elena Afanasova smiles.

«Marine Battle» – in accordance with rules

The captain of the medium trawler (SRTM-type) «Anatoliy Lavrov», Serguey Goncharenko, is sharing the experience, his career is from the fourth mate to the captain.

- The vessel at sea is like a small State, established with its own statue and rules. However the ship is not a home, but a working place, someone is bored in a couple of weeks, but certain remain for years to accomplish their duties.

Serguey Goncharenko joined DALRYBA as a chief mate: «At that time DALRYBA used to be a big company, there were 15 different vessels. My first vessel was medium trawler «Timashevsk», but in 2004 I was appointed the captain of the «Anatoliy Lavrov» and started to assimilate the specific experience of crab catching, the «Marine Battle» like the fishermen call it, as it differs much from ordinary fishing. One of the biggest problems at the crab market is the poaching. Even with the complete ban of King crab and the blue crab catching in the Russian Far East, we cannot manage to raise the prices for the Snow crab at the Japanese market. Though certain improvements can be seen. Still remain problems, which can be solved only by joint efforts of fishermen» – Serguey Goncharenko is sure.

Valery Monakhov, Fishnews Magazine